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Substantially Catholic Seminar at Marin Catholic High School 2013

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For faculty interested in sharing the Catholic intellectual tradition in the regular classes in their major. Any high school teacher is welcome, even those who do not teach at Catholic schools.  In addition, administrators both at the primary and secondary level are also encouraged to attend. This three-day academic seminar is for faculty and administrators.  It is structured to allow significant personal contact between the expert presenters and participants.  The seminar is designed primarily for faculty interested in addressing Catholic issues directly related to their academic area of expertise.  It also has sessions that cater to administrators.  The administrative sessions focus on practical ways to enhance the Catholic mission that do not cause disruptive institutional stress.  College faculty experts will offer multiple presentations each day of the seminar for both faculty and administrators.  The additional administrative sessions will provide optional ways for students to increase knowledge and commitment to the Catholic faith.


The fourth annual seminar will be hosted by:


 Marin Catholic High School

        Kentfield, CA

      June 09  12, 2013


Visit their website:

Marin Catholic High School


Marin Catholic High School

        Mr. Chris Valdez, Principal


Catholic Education Institute

Fr. John Piderit, S.J.







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Substantially Catholic at Marin Catholic High School Brochure is availble for download HERE