Biggest challenge: Weekly attendance at Eucharist

 The nuns were excellent, but, with imagination and  training, laypeople do and can excel

       The nuns were disciplinarians and                     discipline (for children!) still plays a role in any        good parish

       New types of loving service engage more        parishioners







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Pastor Evaluation Plan



A pastor evaluation examines the performance of the pastor in a particular parish.  In general, it assesses the pastorís performance in three general areas: administration, team leadership, and program development.  Other more particular areas of assessment can be developed in response to the interests of a specific pastor or the needs of the local parish.  Evaluations will also reflect the strategic priorities outlined by the parish.  


Dr. Morey and Fr. Piderit work with the pastor in tailoring the evaluation.  They also conduct the evaluations and develop recommendations for the pastor that will encourage further growth and development.  It is recommended that evaluations be conducted annually over a three year period.  This time frame allows a pastor to set realistic goals, assess progress in meeting them, and get useful feedback.


Evaluation processes can be developed either for individual pastors or for groups of three or four pastors whose parishes are reasonably proximate to each other.


The total cost for a Pastor Evaluation for an individual pastor is $600 plus travel expenses.  The cost for a group of pastors will be negotiated.