Biggest challenge: Weekly attendance at Eucharist

 The nuns were excellent, but, with imagination and  training, laypeople do and can excel

       The nuns were disciplinarians and                     discipline (for children!) still plays a role in any        good parish

       New types of loving service engage more        parishioners







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Pastoral Council Development Plan



A Parish Pastoral Council Development Plan will improve the performance of particular PPCs in their work of investigating present parish practice, reflecting on it, and making effective recommendations to the pastor.


As part of the plan, Dr. Morey and Fr. Piderit will first request some basic information (minutes and committee structure, if there is one) about how the council functions.  With the benefit of this information, they will then meet on site with the pastor and PPC on three occasions.  In the first session, they will observe an actual parish council meeting and talk to the pastor and PPC members about how the PPC actually functions.  The second session will be an in-service workshop.  As part of the workshop Fr. Piderit and Dr. Morey will give feed-back on what is working well and areas that require improvement.  They will then offer a variety of practical strategies that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the PPC.  Finally, after the PPC has worked with the new strategies for a few months, Fr. Piderit and Dr. Morey will return to once again to observe a parish council meeting and make suggestions for fine-tuning the process. 


The total cost for Parish Pastoral Council Development Plan is $2,000 plus travel expenses.